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Cloud 9 ??

Monday, 20 May 2013 By:Your Name 19:47 | 0 Comment [s]

Haha , hai and assalamualaikum . Saja nak bagitahu yang aku tak suka makanan ni . ok bye xXx

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~My Biodata

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Short Biodata

Full Name : Nurrizatul Mizza binti Rossidi
Nicknames : Mizza , Jaja
Age : Fifteen
Stay : Puchong,Selangor

Random Facts About Me
. I am a clumsy person.
. I hate people that hurt my heart
. I love all my friends especially Zati
. Love blogging and tweeting
. Dreamer and Lover
. I hate cloud 9
. A for awesome
. I hate copycats
. Bestfriends are better than 'couple'
~ I Love my boyfriend

I want
. Iphone
. Clothes
. Good results
. Good student award
. Tablet
. Fly to Makkah for Haji and Umrah
. Being superfriendly
. Good frienship with all my friends
. New shoes

World Say

Hello everybody . I'm Mizza Rossidi . Thanks and do follow :D

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